Never Say Uncle (1990 First CD Release Remastered)

by Todd Burge



First solo acoustic recording by Todd Burge, remastered. The digital download includes pictures of the original lyric drafts of My Apartment, Newspaper Blankets and Still Wanting You written in Todd's "hand". Actual CD comes with a free download.


released August 30, 1990

Todd Burge-Guitar, Voice, Harmonica
Dave Traugh - Keyboards
Jim Clinton - Guitar on "The Only Woman"
Recorded at Super Trax-Parkersburg, WV 8/89-3/90
Produced by Dave Traugh and Todd Burge
(c) 1990 Bunj Jam Music BMI

Photos by Perry Kirk



all rights reserved


Todd Burge Parkersburg

WV Troubadour, Played everything from Alternative Rock to Bluegrass, but is mainly known for the sharp wit, soaring vocal & guitar prowess found in many of his songs while performing his hybrid brand of Contemporary Americana-Folk. He has performed venues as diverse as NPR's Mountain Stage, CBGB’s, The Country Music Hall of Fame and the Kennedy Center. He is about to perform near you. ... more

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Track Name: Pocket Book
Pocket Book by Todd Burge
Todd plays this song in regular tuning.
Chords include A, Bm, G & D

I could live in a paper bag
Filled with nothing but some air
And my dreams would still be in it
As long as I breathed in there

My hands have only touched a new guitar
And played it until it has turned old
They’ve never seen dirt or blood
I feel real lucky
Even when they’re cold

I feel nice but I was mean when younger
Don’t have a lot
But I don’t have hunger

I’ve got a pocket book with something in it
I changed my mind
Now there’s something in it
I clear my throat
Now I can sing it
I’ve got a pocket book
With something in it

I met you once
But I forgot your name
I lost the napkin
With your number on it
Let’s start this whole thing
Over again
I’ve done things wrong
But I’m stronger from it
Track Name: Newspaper Blankets
Newspaper Blankets
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

Way up in our hills they don't know pills
They don't have highways cars or bars getting' in their way
In summertime the only green they find is in the trees
They don't have dollar bills so they don't know how to pay

And Ella Mae Crite was 80 years this fall
She has half a dozen pictures of Jesus on the wall
They've got brother sleeping on asphalt with newspaper blankets
They've forgotten what warmth is
We've forgotten that they once were kids
We're living for the highest bid and they need to be hid

We think we have the right to store satellites in the desert
While our neighbors sleep without a bite to eat tonight
I want 50 bucks for combat boots, 50 more for a few toots
And maybe some dinner with my desert tonight

And Ella Mae Crite was 80 years this fall
She has half a dozen pictures of her sons on the wall
They've got sisters sleeping on asphalt with newspapers blankets
They've forgotten what warmth is
And we only care or help if they're kids
We say they're old and lazy and they need to be hid
Track Name: The Kids Are Out Of Hand
The Kids Are Out Of Hand
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

Sam and Carrie at the end of '52
Got very very married
One in white and one in blue
Then Carrie carried one baby times two
They knew they'd be happy being two times two
The two babies came
One boy and one girl
I don't remember both names but the girl was a Pearl
Now pearl threw fits and Pearle threw some food
And same assure Carrie
The could throw a few things too

The kids are getting' our out of hand
So let's give them the backhand
Then they'll understand when on their cheek for two solid weeks is the red
and blue knot because daddy forgot
To take off his wedding band
I used my left hand
Forgot the wedding band
I hope you understand

Oh I remember now
The boy's name was Ted
But the other kids called him by his nickname instead
Now Cow wasn't big
He just ate a lot of beef and at only eight years old he was out there
playing in the street
Now Carrie caught cow and his best friend Dave
They were staying up late and pretendin' to behave
They jumped on the beds
They broke another lamp
She was fed to her neck so she went and told Sam


Now Teddy grew up and became wedding bound
And pearl grew to but she never stayed in town
Pearl didn't ever talk to her mom
But between dad and son there was a male bond
It was Monday night football taped for Tuesday afternoon
Dad got hot that fall and went up like a hot air balloon
Dad got steamed about his son's favorite team
But a brutal dream made his son turn mean and he said
Hey pop...I think
you're getting out of hand
I'm gonna whack you with a back hand
They you'll understand when your cheek for two solid weeks is the red and
blue knot because Teddy forgot
To take off his wedding band
I know you'll understand
I had to use my left hand
I'm sure you'll understand
Forgot my wedding band
Hey amen man
Track Name: Like Nobody Else
Like Nobody Else
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

And you know I still need you
like the Earth needs the sun
But I'm so far away
you know it keeps me on the run

Can you feel my heart of stone
There's never a ring on my telephone
Silence is the tone
when you're all alone
Another glimpse of your face
puts me in my place
What do you hide
when our four eyes collide
Tell me
What do you hide

And you will grow old
just like everybody else
And you will get lonely
just like everybody else
And I will still need you just like
nobody else

And my roof seems to cave in
as I wonder where you've been
If you don't paint love's walls
it's ceiling surely falls

And as I pick at your mind
a haze is all I can find
There's terror on my list
It should evaporate with your mist

Sunshine makes me cold
No warmth makes me old
My need seem twofold
when there's no you to hold
There's never you there to hold


Todd plays this song in standard tuning. Chords: E, A, B7, A#, A7
Harmonica key: A
Track Name: Last Drunk
Last Drunk
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

You won't be up
When I leave this house
In the morning
The early hours
They come
They go
When those minutes tick away
You know
You just don't
You just don't know me

We just much leave all these things behind
Wise up dry up and start to use our time
Everything that I am
Is in this trunk
I'll kiss her cheek for good luck
That was our last drunk

You say we don't smoke or snort the stuff
We don't run towards
The dreaded needle
And maybe we do drink a bit too much
But it's fun
And I believe that you and I
Are just that kind of people

But there's two people that I try to like
And I despise them more
Almost every night

Everything that I own
Is in this trunk
I'll kiss her cheek for good luck
That was our last drunk
Track Name: My Apartment
My Apartment
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

My apartment has an old couch
My apartment has a chair
My apartment has an old coat
Hangin' on a coat hanger over there
There's a mailbox that I open
It gets deeper and darker everyday
I think I'll have this place rented out
I'll hide inside
Then somebody else can come and stay

They'll pay the rent
And stay with me
In their apartment

My apartment has this TV tray
Starin' at me the same old way
It' hold my paper plates the same old way
While I watch these morons play
Wheel of fortune everyday
What an unfortunate game

[chorus & suck and blow]

My apartment has this thing I turn on
And it play old Larry King
I hear him say some similar things
About some not so similar things
Some fat guys pushing a book
And he's telling me how to cook
Or some good looking guy I can't even see
Is telling me how to buy his look

Come stay with me
And pay the rent
In your apartment
Track Name: Don't Try and Understand
Don't Try and Understand
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

She said
Do you think if I break my watch
We could forget what time it is
I said
I'm sure it would grant us much more room
To move as smoothly as
We please

And could you show me that trick
You make with your hands
The one that sends me laughing
Down to my knees
And take the batteries from the watch
So we can forget
How long we're being missed

And you don't have to wash your hands
And you don't have to care
If your face is clean
I like you with those holes
In the knees of your jeans
And when it comes to who I am
Don't try and understand

She said
Do you think you have the right
To write
All your thoughts
Down on paper

I said when I get tight
I write it all down
but I don't mean to frown
and throw it in your face

And the next few words
That came out of her mouth
Made my mind wonder if those lines
Were hurting her
But I just can't seem to make up things
And I feel it's my place
To play from place to place
Track Name: Daddy's Not Workin'
Daddy's Not Workin'
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

I asked a blind man to give me the time
He said
Hiss with your wits
And when they pull you down just be pleasin'

And too many times I find the rhyme
But I can't seem to find the time
To let my mind
See the reason

And I don't mean to make you feel surreal
But if you smile with my help
You'll see your clock is melting

Take your cup and drink it down
But now who's gonna fill it up
Because your momma she ain't
She just ain’t working

I can make you tired by preaching
Not Reaching
It’s so easy
To not please you

So I’ll soak here and be you
And you can float there
Way up there
And be
Someone else too

Take your cup and drink it down
But now who's gonna fill it up
Because your daddy...
He just not working
Track Name: College Down
College Down
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

Is there anyone around
This college town
That can help me
I guess it started
When I drop my books
In the trash

Maybe it was the work
Maybe it was the dirt
I couldn't get clean
I couldn't feel me

But now I feel me
So much that I can't touch anyone else
There're all telling me to jump out of bed
And get some help

But this bed seems to get me
Through a day
Yeah another's gone
Dusk drags
Then dawn

Oh how I wish Mom
Could make my mess better
But you can't mend those messes
In a monthly letter
I'm strapped to this bed
And the men in white might come and probe my head
God I feel like a baby

And I swear that once I was on solid food
Even though you know
Some say I was rather crude
Track Name: Daughter Ask Father
Daughter Ask Father
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

Oh so you say you want me to go
to places I know you don't even know
Turn my head around
start feeling the ground
move beneath my feet

I’ll bet you have already guessed
That I'm not very far from my nest
Not too far from the egg
That my mother once gave
Where my parents once prayed

Why don't you ask your father
what has happened to his daughter
I believe she has come to
Please take me with you
I can't see you're free
Please take me with you

Oh so you say we both got to know
that tired look that we're starting to show
The ball
the chain
keeping us the same

We all need a name
We feed on our claim to fame
That will never be found
if we're standing around
Track Name: All Wrapped Up
All Wrapped Up
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

I don't mind at all
If I tell you a dream
Of my grandma
And how I miss her

I thought I'd forgot
What she talked and looked like
You know I thought I might not
But I did

The two story house
The flowers in her blouse
The stories that she told
She never gave up
Showing me the top
She had it all wrapped up

I'm living a lie
Don't look in my eye
I'm what I'm despising
I just can't get off this disguise

I'm sick of the noise
The loud drinking boys
The overgrown toys and being

Yesterday it's what I liked
Today it's just a fight
A convenient fence keeps me
Down on the bench
But they're both made of wood
And surely I could
Burn them up
I'll burn them up

This song's for my brother
My mother my father
We're never together
But I don't think that bothers me

We hesitate
Never tell
Its seems very late
Oh what the hell
I think you're all great

Yesterday we might have fought
Today that's in a clot
At present time you all three
Are a present to me
That's the way it should be
I had it all wrapped up
The rap's on the floor
It' don't bother me no more
I've opened the door
Open's better for sure
Wrapped me up
All wrapped up
Track Name: Still Wanting You
Still Wanting You by Todd Burge (c) 1990

Sometimes I have a forked tongue
And you have spoon ears
Easily being fed what you want to hear
But this ain't no lie right here, dear
When your jesters hang up their colors and balls
And the real picture hangs up on your walls
When your cigarettes burn to the butt
When you get let down in the gutter
I'll still be wanting you

Your hair falls to your eyes
It cover up these lies we despise
At times we just can't care
At other times there seems to be nothing there
But when you have been through all the hurt
When you can't find another spotless shirt
When you've lost your last brother
When you're left down with no other
I'll still be wanting you

When your crown is taken away
When nothing pays and you feel the pain
After everything is untrue
After you've tested the whole crew
I'll still be wanting you
Track Name: My Book
My Book
© & (p) 1990 Bunj Jam Music-BMI

One man washes dishes
The other sells the suit
They both have placement problems
But there's sticking with their roots

One man fixes coffee
And his honey flops the cakes
They both wait for tomorrow
Because today never waits

A woman waits for a man
When he's strong
She'll grab his hand

One day he'll be a star
With a fantastic look
But he's already there in my book

In my book
You've been written
As any possible thing
Pages are like numbers
They can add up to anything

Problems all have answers
Reasons are explained
Guilt is always okayed
Shamed names are never blamed
Fingers need not be crossed
All debts are always paid

In my book
You've been written
As any possible thing
Pages are like numbers
They can add up to anything